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Posted on: January 21, 2020

Removal of speed radar signs

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There are a number of pole mounted radar speed signs located throughout the City of Lafayette. Several of these signs are mounted on facilities (poles) owned by Xcel Energy. Due to load bearing safety concerns, Xcel has requested the removal of these radar signs. The City will begin removing these signs immediately to comply with Xcel’s request. The City remains committed to safety of the traveling public (pedestrian, cyclists and vehicles) and are evaluating what permanent traffic calming measures may be appropriate, including redeployment, at each of these locations. In the interim, the City will continue to use other measures and resources in these areas. This includes additional enforcement and placement of speed radar trailers.

The City will be launching a Transportation Master Plan (TMP) beginning Summer 2020. During the development of the TMP, traffic research and analysis studies, policy and transportation system improvements, and prioritization of recommendations for short and long-term projects will be discussed and reviewed with the Lafayette community. Included in that will be a discussion and policy creation on neighborhood traffic mitigation. If you have input regarding the placement or replacement of a particular speed radar sign, we strongly encourage you to participate in this process. Once the TMP analysis and policies are developed, Public Works will evaluate and prioritize the need for speed radar signs to be replaced.

If you have concerns about speeding or other traffic safety issues, you may share any input with the Public Works Department at (Traffic Concerns).

The locations of radar speed signs identified for removal are:

  • Baseline Road between 95th Street and SH 287
  • Caria Drive between Emma Street and Baseline Road
  • Sandpiper Drive between Waneka Lake Trail and Paschal Drive
  • Waneka Lake Trail between Clipper Drive and Schooner Street
  • Lucerne Drive between SH 287 and Beacon Hill Drive (already removed)

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