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2019 Sustainability Plan Working Group Application

  1. 2019 Sustainability Plan Working Group Application

    Members of the Sustainability Plan Working Group will assist in identifying topics and issues for the new Sustainability Plan for the City of Lafayette. Working Group tasks include:

  2. * Serving as a source of information and input on sustainability topics

  3. * Serving in an advisory role to the project team (City staff and the consulting team) as the Sustainability Plan progresses throughout the process

  4. * Assisting with outreach to the community, including spreading the word concerning the latest news and events from the Sustainability Plan process, to various groups and constituencies in Lafayette

  5. Expectations of SPWG members:

    Members of the Sustainability Plan Working Group will be responsible for attending a series of two (2) meetings, of no longer than two (2) hours in length, during the course of the Sustainability Plan project (which is expected to conclude by March 31, 2020). Meetings will be held weeknight evenings (on evenings when meetings of the City Council, Planning Commission or other Boards and Commissions are NOT scheduled). While the exact start times for the meetings have not yet been set, meetings will occur between the hours of 6:00pm and 9:00pm at City Hall or other City building. The first meeting will occur on October 21.

  6. Please submit your application by **September 29, 2019, at 5:00PM **

  7. (Old Town, Centaur Village, Boulder Ridge, Arbordale Acres, Ardenne, Indian Peaks, South Pointe, Coal Creek Village, etc)

  8. (Old Town, 95th & Arapahoe, 287/Baseline, 287/So Boulder Rd, 120th St., etc)

  9. I confirm I am able to attend the four Working Group meetings described above*

  10. Please briefly summarize why you are interested in participating on the Sustainability Plan Working Group. Please also include any areas of experience you have that would be beneficial to the Sustainability Plan process.

  11. Thank you for your application and interest in serving on the Sustainability Plan Working Group.

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