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Library - Transitional Event Space Request

  1. Please use this form to request meeting space for meeting dates from June 2019 through November 2019.

    Our new room reservation system, where you will be able to see availability and submit your request to hold the space, will be launched by the end of June. Please use this booking form in the interim. We will be in touch if your preferred date is unavailable. You will be notified by email once a room has been booked for you.

  2. Displays on the public confirmed bookings page.

  3. You may make requests for multiple dates on this form. If your date/time is unavailable, we will book your backup date/time if available.

  4. I want to reserve:*

    Please select one space.

  5. Preferences

  6. Library Hours

    Enter requests for June - November 2019.
    Spaces may only be booked by the public for the following hours (no setup or takedown is allowed outside open hours): M-Th 10 am - 8pmSu 1-5pm

  7. Is this event free?*

  8. Is this event open to the public?*

  9. Will food or beverages be served?*

  10. I have read and agree to the full Terms and Conditions, including the Liability Waiver/Indemnification Agreement and Meeting Room Policies.*

    Your booking request signifies your agreement to all policies, as well as to Liability Waiver/Indemnification Agreement as laid out in the policies.

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