What app do I use to access free eAudiobooks and eBooks?

Libby and Overdrive (both made by Overdrive) offer the same content; you can even use both apps and your loans will sync across your devices. 

If you have a newer smartphone, tablet, Kindle Fire, or newer computer, give Libby a try! If you have an eReader like a Nook or a Kindle Paperwhite, use an older computer, or want additional features like a wishlist or additional language support, try the original Overdrive. 

overdriveOverdrive (original)

  • Can use with newer devices, but also supports older ereaders like Kindles and Nooks and old and new PCs.
  • Can stream video.

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LibbyLibby (by Overdrive)

  • Best option for newer devices. Use with devices running iOS 9+, Android 4.4+, Windows 10 (desktops/tablets/mobile)
  • Does not stream video, only eAudiobooks and eBooks.

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