Posted on: August 30, 2018

Telephone Scams

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At this point, you've probably experienced a telephone scam.  They are occurring every day!  Don't be an easy target!

You probably know that if you get a phone call claiming you won a cruise,  you probably shouldn't get too excited and you also probably know that if someone calls and asks for your credit card information, you shouldn't give it to them.  Some of these callers however sound very legitimate.  Sometimes they know some personal information.  Sometimes they use a caller ID that looks official.  There are many different types of phone scams.  Some popular ones are IRS imposters, tech support imposters, lottery and sweepstakes offers, debt collection imposters, loan and reduced rate credit card offers, work from home offers and fake emergencies.  These callers sometimes use intimidation, fear or immediacy to get you to make a fast decision.  

Don't be an easy target!  Don't be pressured into making a fast decision.  Never provide your personal information to people you don't know.  Never send money by wire transfer or prepaid debit card to someone you don't know.  Never send money for an emergency situation unless you can verify the emergency.  Don't click on unsolicited text messages.  Sometimes these callers threaten an arrest unless payment is made.  Don't fall for aggressive threats.  Beware of unfamiliar calls. 

Not a victim of fraud, but receive one of these calls?  You don't need to report the call to us, but the Colorado Attorney General's office collects information on these calls.  Their "Stop Fraud Colorado" website also has numerous resources and tips! 

Stop Fraud Colorado
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