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  1. Banned Books Week 2018

    Imagine . . . You’re looking for a book you’ve heard about, or been assigned as homework, and you can’t find it in your library. Sounds like some sort of science fiction story, but it’s not. In this country there are books and comics you’re not... Read on...

  2. The Great Library Series Turned My Tween Son into a Reader – Brightly

    “No parent likes to hear that their child hates to read. That is especially painful when you work in book publishing. When all of my son’s friends were binge-reading Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, he wanted nothing to do with it. I brought... Read on...

  3. 6 Books by Athletes Who Transcend Sports – Signature Reads

    What makes an athlete more than simply a sports figure, remembered for a few seasons by sports fans, then dissolving into a haze of countless games? Try these fascinating reads by athletes who not only found their voices, but used them to push... Read on...

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  1. Homework Center 2018 school year
  1. Drop in to reading playdates at Boulder Ridge, Fridays at 4 pm
  1. Caregiver support