Searching For by Greg Wasil

Searching for

Searching For

Greg Wasil

Greg WAZ WasilArtist: Greg Wasil
Lakewood, CO
Location: SW corner of Emma and Public Rd
Materials: Sheet steel
Size: 9'4" x 4' x 4'
Price: $9,500

Artists Statement:

I have always been a kid at heart.
I began my art career in 2003 after attending Burning Man and seeing art on a large scale.

I see the playfulness of Art and want my artworks to be touched, played with and enjoyed by the child in everyone.

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To hear from this artist, call 888.827.8566 and enter ArtNumber 2687.
This artist's number is 13.
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View the video interview

Interview with Greg Wasil

See & Respond

Following the installation of the sculptures, area poets and visual artists will be invited to participate in a juried art show, “See and Respond!” where artists create a piece inspired by one of the sculptures. There will be cash prizes awarded in multiple categories. Visit the See & Respond page for more information

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