Dancing Moon VIII by Reven Swanson

Dancing Moon VIII

Dancing Moon VII

Reven Swanson

Reven SwansonArtist: Reven Swanson
Denver, CO
Location: Public and Simpson (in front of Santiagos Restaurant)
Materials: Steel, enamel, with hand turning kinetics
Size: 24" x 28: x 24"
Price: $4,300

Artists Statement: Growing up in a rural Colorado setting, Reven built forts in ditches, swung on the backs of wild horses and chased lizards with her sister, Channing. Her early observations running closely with the rhythms of the natural world, made a strong impression on her creative endeavors as a sculptor. Peeping through a colorful canopy, a flicking prairie moon or mountainous horizon, the work invites us to watch, observe and play with those natural rhythms.

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Interview with Reven Swanson

See & Respond

Rudlaff_B_Found edited.jpg
“See and Respond!” Art show was held in August. Artists were invited to create a piece inspired by one of the sculptures.
Barbara Rudlaff won best of show in the Adult 2-D category for her piece, "Found" in response to Dancing Moon VIII

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