Remembrance by Zachery Harris



Zachery Harris

Zachery HarrisArtist Zachery Harris
Vancleave, MS
Location: NW Cannon and Public Road (behind Lefthand Acupuncture)
Materials: Welded Steel
Size: 9'4" x 6'1" x 2'4"
Price: $32,000

Artists Statement:
I move to shape my objects just as water over sand creates slowly formed patterns of its repetitious beat. The rhythms of my efforts are revealed in my sculptures, a mere reflection of manmade influences on the earth.

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Interview with Zachery Harris

See & Respond

“See and Respond!” Art show was held in August. Artists were invited to create a piece inspired by one of the sculptures.
Zachary Nix won best of show in the Teen Poetry category for his piece, "A Walk Beside You" in response to Remembrance and A Bracelet for Her.

The Walk Beside You

Calm, yet leaves me breathless
The way you glow in the eyes of so many disappears within time itself
Only to reverse and become right once again

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