Here and Now by Charlotte and Ben Zink

Here AND Now

Here and Now

Charlotte & Ben Zink

Charlotte ZinkArtist Charlotte Zink
Berthoud, CO
Location: 603 Public Road
Materials: Steel and Clay
Size: 5'4"x3'9"x1'8"
Price: $4,500

Artists Statement
This piece is titled "Here AND Now," a sculpture constructed of steel and clay, a human figure and an abstract object. I'd like to emphasize the AND. The dualities in life, the dynamics they create can be so strong, so challenging. For me, focusing on the AND, what it looks like to keep coming together, to keep choosing to be present, that's what helps me live more fully and appreciate the "Here and Now" of life.

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Interview with Charlotte and Ben Zink

See & Respond

“See and Respond!” Art show was held in August. Artists were invited to create a piece inspired by one of the sculptures.
Martin Balgach won best of show in the Adult Poetry category for his piece, "Beside Myself" in response to Here and Now.

Beside Myself

What stands beside me
is a rusty omen—
a scarlet circle
hollowed out of minutes
and cast brown
in patina’s quiet agony

This burden holds me like a hand
while I wait
hungry as a ghost
and infinite as Sisyphus

Mocked by leaves
held hostage by cement
I wither at time’s pace
bound to this other that was once me

Please do not pity what is missing—
I was once whole

but now I wait
in the afternoon light
as the wind takes another lick
I can almost feel my own shadow
on my knees

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