Room for Doubt by Robert Brubaker

No Room for Doubt

No Room for Doubt

Robert Brubaker

Robert BrubakerArtist Robert Brubaker
Cornville, Arizona
Location: Mojo Plaza, Baseline & Public Road
Materials: Bronze Sculpture on Steel Base
Size: 6'3" x 1'9" x 1'7"; 200 lbs
Price: $15,000

Artists Statement
Here is the moose, dressed in a warm winter coat. He will stand and wait, there is “No Room For Doubt”. As always my artwork is historically and culturally influenced, not historically or culturally correct.

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Interview with Robert Brubaker
See & Respond
“See and Respond!” Art show was held in August. Artists were invited to create a piece inspired by one of the sculptures.
Abigail Sprod won best of show in the Child Poetry category for her piece, "A Moose in a Storm" in response to No Room for Doubt.

A moose in a storm

A moose is travelling
     in Russia.
He’s really cold
     and he’s hungry.
Then he sees a light-
     he goes towards it.
It’s a cabin.
He goes into the cabin
     and discovers
     it’s actually a restaurant.
He gets some soup.
It’s really, really good soup.
He eats all of it.

He wants to thank the chef
     for the great soup.
The chef comes out.
The moose discovers
     that the chef
     is actually the moose’s brother.

The moose decides to work 
     with his brother
    in the restaurant.
He helps lead travelers 
     to the restaurant.
Because some travelers
    might not be
    as lucky as the moose.

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