One Lafayette Community Grant Program

2019 Applications

Apply online by Wednesday, July 31, 2019, by 5 pm

2018 One Lafayette recipients


Groups may now apply for funding from One Lafayette; either as an Essential Community Resource (E.C.R.) or as a Special Program Grant. An Essential Community Resource (E.C.R.) grant is funded for 3 years. Special Program Funding is on an annual basis for a special project or service that benefits City of Lafayette residents.

Annually, One Lafayette disburses funds that have been budgeted by the City of Lafayette. Organizations wishing to be considered for grant funding from One Lafayette must complete an online application and fit the following criteria:

  • Must be a certified IRS 501 (c)(3) non profit group
  • Must serve Lafayette residents
  • Provide the One Lafayette coordinator with a current list of Board of Directors, active volunteers and key officers
  • Provide the One Lafayette coordinator with a copy of their financial statement for the most recently completed fiscal year.

Groups applying for funding from One Lafayette may apply for status as an Essential Community Resource (E.C.R.), or they may apply for a Special Program Grant. E.C.R.s will be disbursed as a portion of of the One Lafayette proceeds, with the remainder of the money being awarded for Special Program Grants. Groups may apply either for E.C.R. status or a Special Program Grant, not both.

Organizations that are awarded funding based on being an E.C.R. apply once every three years. During the three years after being certified as an E.C.R.the non-profit is asked to document certain basic facts (i.e., they are still located in Lafayette, are still performing the same basic types of services, they are still a registered non-profit, etc.). At the end of the three years the group will need to re-apply for their E.C.R. status.

E.C.R. Status Criteria

Status as an E.C.R. is awarded to groups that most closely fit the following criteria:

  • Organization is physically located in Lafayette
  • Organization's clientele is made up of primarily Lafayette residents
  • Organization's mission is primarily devoted to aiding people in emergency or critical situations, such as families or individuals in need of food, medical or housing assistance.
  • Organization works to support self sufficiency for adults through employment training, transportation or in-home services
  • Organization does not receive any additional funds from City budget and has not in the previous budget cycle

Contact Information

If you have questions, please contact Pam Spring, Human Resources Director - Phone: 303-661-1253, Fax: 303-604-0834

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