Room Rental

Lafayette Senior Services Division
Facility Rental Procedure 
The use of Senior Services building by outside groups is offered by the City of Lafayette and the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department. Availability is determined after all City of Lafayette adult programs and city requests have been accommodated.

Available space may be during the following time periods:

Mon-Thr: 5-9pm
Fri: 4-7pm
Sat: 9am-6pm
Sun: 9am-5pm

A 21 day notice is required; rental space must be reserved and paid at least 21 days in advance. 
For ongoing rentals: rentals must be renewed at the beginning of each year. Lafayette Senior Services reserves the right to not extend ongoing rentals. Determination is made on a case by case basis, and in consideration of City of Lafayette needs.

Rentals are on a first come, first served basis with consideration of the following priorities:
  • City of Lafayette, internal City Requests
  • City of Lafayette non-profit groups (501c3)
  • City of Lafayette individuals/business groups
  • Non-resident, non-profit agencies (501c3)
  • Non-resident, business groups
75 persons for rental of core facility, which includes the presence of persons in the main area and in the conference room. Conference room is limited to 25 persons. Other rooms are not available for rent. 
ADDITIONAL AMENITIES (available with an additional cost of $10 per hour per item)
Large screen TV with capability for video or PowerPoint presentations

Computer room and Kitchen are not available for rental.

Individual/business groups:
$40 per hour resident/$50 per hour non-resident 
*additional $10 per hour fee per amenity item, resident or non-resident
Not for profit 501(c)3 organizations:
$30 per hour resident, $40 per hour 
*additional $10 per hour fee per amenity item, resident or non-resident, individual, business and/or not for profit
Lessee is solely responsible for their own supplies and equipment and for returning coffee maker to its condition prior to the rental.

$75 damage deposit must be submitted with each rental request

Rental fee including deposit is due 3 weeks prior to rental. Payment for rental fee can be made with Visa/Master Card/American Express, Money Order and Checks payable to City of Lafayette. Payment for damage deposit requires a separate check payable to City of Lafayette.

The damage deposit, less any charges incurred, will be returned to lessee within 14 business days of rental. At the termination of the rental, designated facility staff will inspect the building and determine its condition. If condition of the space rented does not meet approved standards, appropriate clean up and repairs will be implemented to restore the building to its condition at the time of rental. If charges exceed the damage deposit, lessee will be billed for those charges in excess of the deposit with payment due within 30 days of invoice.

Notice of cancellations must be made 7 business days prior to the scheduled rental. Without such notice, the Lessee will be charged 50% of the original requested rental charge. 


During the rental period Lessee will comply with all applicable rules, regulations and policies set forth by the City of Lafayette including:

• Lessee is responsible for proper supervision of the facility and the protection of persons and property in its care, enforcing facility rules and restricting all participants to authorized areas.

• During the time of the rental, the lessee is responsible for any and all accidents, damages or loss of property that should occur. The City of Lafayette and its designated representatives shall be held harmless for any and all claims resulting from the use of the center during the rental period. 
• Operating commercial concessions, charging fees and requesting donations from the public are not permitted during the rental.

• The City of Lafayette reserves the right to require a liability insurance certificate in the amount of $1 million dollars with the City of Lafayette listed as an additional insured for rentals.

• The City of Lafayette reserves the right to cancel this agreement and withdraw the permission hereby granted for just cause, or for the failure to comply with any of the stated conditions. Lessee, will, upon this request, immediately remove all persons and equipment from the facility.

• ALCOHOL, DRUG AND TOBACCO PRODUCTS ARE NOT PERMITTED in the facility or on the premises. INFLATABLES SUCH AS BOUNCE HOUSES ARE NOT PERMITTED. Any violation will result in loss of damage deposit and loss of future rental privileges. The use of grills is prohibited.

• The Center’s Billiard Table may not be moved or used. If Lessee moves the Billiard Table, the Lessee will be charged a minimum of $125.00 to re-level the Billiard Table.

• Lessees are responsible for their own set up and clean up within rental time.  Lessee is responsible for returning furniture to original locations, cleaning and wiping down tables and chairs, sweeping the floors as needed, removal of trash to facility's outdoor dumpster and recycle bins which are located in southwest corner of parking lot. Indoor trash receptacles are provided and must be emptied if used.  
• Parking is available on the side streets, in addition to our parking lot, which is located at the south side of the facility. Loading and unloading at front entry drive up is only available after 5pm weekdays , after 9am on Saturday and after 12pm on Sunday. Vehicles may not remain parked in the loading area unless actively engaged in loading or unloading.

• Lessee is responsible for removal of personal belongings and personal equipment following the rental. The City of Lafayette is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods during a rental period.