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Take advantage of a variety of free or low cost programs, services and assistance designed to enhance quality of life for adults who are residents of the City of Lafayette and their caregivers! Our Resource Coordinator, can help you identify what you need and assist you in meeting that need through information, assessment and referral for a variety of resources. Resources for socialization, home and environment, mental and physical health, support for activities of daily living and economic programs that you or your family caregiver may be eligible.

HugsResource Appointments Available for City of Lafayette Residents

The Resource Coordinator has weekly appointment times available by telephone, at Senior Services or at your home (as appropriate). Call 303-661-1499. For the best service,  call for an appointment. If you walk-in, we will set an appointment  time but may not be able to accommodate you that day.

The City of Lafayette Senior Services partners with Boulder County ADRC to provide quality information, referral and support.

ADRC stands for Aging and Disability Resources Center. When our Resource Coordinator isn’t available, you can look for resources on your own by visiting ADRC or talking with an ADRC Counselor by calling 303-441-1617 or by visiting BoulderCountyHelp. The resource you’re looking for might be right at your fingertips!