General Information

The City of Lafayette conducts regular City Council elections on the first Tuesday in November in odd-numbered years, and coordinates with Boulder County for municipal elections annually. All Colorado elections are conducted by mail ballot. The City Clerk serves as the election official. 

Voter Registration

Register to vote or update voter information at Boulder County Elections Department. www.BoulderCountyVotes.org 

The Boulder County Elections page will assist you to find your current registration, register to vote, and learn about Colorado voter registration requirements. Colorado does not have a registration deadline. Register to vote up to and including Election Day.

Find a polling location or ballot drop-off location.

Election Contact Information

Susan Koster, City Clerk: 303-661-1227
Susan Barker, Deputy City Clerk: 303-661-1222

View the 2018 Unofficial Election Results


2018 Election Information

  • Lafayette Ballot Issue 2A - Oil and Gas Pollution Tax
  • City Council passes resolutions regarding November 2018 ballot initiatives in support of Proposition 112 and in opposition to Amendment 74. READ MORE...
  • Read the Boulder County Notice of Election to increase taxes/to increase debt/on a citizen petition/on a referred measure. (Tabor Notice) This booklet provides analysis of tax or debt-related ballot issues in cities, schools and special districts.  You may not be eligible to vote on all issues presented in this notice.

2018 Election Dates

October 15 – Ballots mailed to voters
October 21 – Voter Service Centers open (visit these if you would like to vote in person)
October 29 – Last day to register and still receive a ballot in the mail (otherwise you need to vote in person)
November 6 – Election Day – Last day to vote or drop off ballot by 7 p.m. (but please do it earlier!)