General Building Inspection Information

In order to receive final approval for your project, scheduled inspections must be performed by the city’s building inspectors at various phases to ensure compliance with the building codes. Requesting necessary inspections is the responsibility of the contractor or homeowner. Do not cover anything without it first being inspected.

Inspection Line Number is 303-604-3822.

No mid-roof inspections - one final inspection only.
Ladder not required unless roof is flat.
Have yellow inspection record card posted at job site.
See additional instructions below to request an inspection.

How to Request an Inspection

The phone number for inspection requests is 303-604-3822.  
This is a 24-hour voicemail system. Call the day before or by 7am the day you want the inspection. Please give the following information when calling for an inspection:
  • Day and date you want the inspection
  • Permit number
  • Phone number
  • Project address
  • Type of inspection you need (specifics of the requested inspection ensure that we send the right inspector)
Note: Special inspection requests (early or late) will be accommodated to the best of our ability. The building inspector will verify that the work being done conforms to the various codes, regulations, laws, and ordinances applicable to that job. The building inspector will also check to ensure the work agrees with the approved set of plans issued with the permit.

Requirements for All Inspections

The building inspection record cards and approved set of plans, stamped by the Building Department, must be available to the inspector. The project address must be posted. The inspector will either sign the card or leave notes as to the inspection results. When the project is complete, the inspector will remove the card and file it as a permanent record.

Please have all animals (including dogs) under control and not in the areas to be inspected. Inspections may not be made if there are animals running loose. Someone 18 years old or older must be present for inspections.

What Requires an Inspection?

The yellow inspection record card lists typical inspections for new construction. Use the card as a guide. Some inspections listed do not apply to all projects. Do not cover anything without first having it inspected.

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy is issued upon proper completion of any new building, newly occupied commercial space, or change of use. Most homeowner projects do not receive a Certificate of Occupancy, as it is not necessary.