* 3 Gongs by Bobbi Rubingh


Artist Bobbi Rubingh

Wheatridge, Colorado
600 S. Public Road
Repurposed scuba and oxygen tanks, steel chains, with vintage wooden mallet.

This sculpture installed spring 2020 is an early arrival for the 2021 Art on the Street exhibit.

Artist Statement

Outdoor art has always appealed to me, especially repurposed metal sculptures. Many of my pieces are made with metal and stone. I like the feeling of permanence they bring to a sculpture, yet constantly change with the seasons. I’m inspired by nature, children at play, southwestern culture, other artists, and the unique materials I find while foraging through junk yards and estate sales. Sometimes I imagine a piece and search for the materials I need. Other times, the materials tell me what to create, and I just go with it. I love the challenge of taking an object and changing it into something completely different with my tools and imagination.