* River Totem by Kamber Sokulsky 


Artist Kamber Sokulsky

Longmont, Colorado
W. Cleveland St. & S. Public Road SW corner
forged steel, bronze, copper with glass

River Totem - this sculpture installed spring 2020 to replace the 2019 piece.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I explore the world of the subconscious as well as the sublime aspects of the spiritual quest. I use traditional blacksmith and welding techniques combined with other materials, both found and fabricated, architectural glass and bronze, brass and copper to create these modern day versions of "New Totems." I believe Art has the power to remind us that the world with all its pains and despair still has beauty and mysteries to explore. I use both modern and ancient symbols that I "divine" through meditation, creating a sort of language, perhaps even a "conversation" with each and every sculpture to explore both the subconscious as well as the natural world around us.