Compass Pointe by Harold Linke


Artist Harold R. Linke

Evergreen, CO
107 S. Public Road
lost wax cast bronze with titanium based finish

Artist Statement

Energy and connection. Nothing good in society, community, art, music, sports, or health exists without energy and connection. Likewise, every ill can be solved with more energy or more connection.

Energy and connection inspired my sculpture. My sculpture's wispy, swirling, white transparency exists to connect us with something higher in our own spirit. Perhaps we seek bravery, justice, speed, teamwork or excellence. All require connection; all require energy. My work embodies both in joyful, iconic figures for our time. White represents light, goodness, innocence, safety, and purity, in short, the color of perfection, inclusive of all colors. My white sculpture draws your attention immediately, a gift of energy and connection that can truly change our world.