Caliber Collision

The applicants are proposing one building on the site which is proposed to be used for an auto body repair facility. The single-story building is proposed to be 16,765 sf on the 2.18 acre site. The site is currently undeveloped. Two access points would be proposed to the site, one from Aspen Ridge and the other a shared access to the southwest. The subject property is zoned C1 (Regional Business). Auto repair is a Special Use Review and requires approval by the city of compatibility issues related to the use. The subject property is on two lots in two existing subdivisions.

The application includes a PUD Amendment, Special Use Review, Site Plan/Architectural Review , and Minor Subdivision.

The Planning Commission unanimously recommended City Council deny all four applications.  

City Council considered this application at at a public hearing on December 4, 2018, and denied the project.  This project is no longer in process. 

Plan Sets
View the Site Plan and Elevation Drawing

Caliber Collision elevation graphic