Indian Peaks Marketplace

This project consists of two separate parcels of land located in the Indian Peaks Filing No. 17 Subdivision. The "North Parcel" is located at the southwest corner of Baseline Road and 95th Street. The "South Parcel" is located at the northwest corner of Paschal Drive and 95th Street.

Sketch Plan:  The Sketch Plan was approved by the Planning Commission on July 23, 2019.

The North Parcel will consist of approximately 16,800 square feet of one-story restaurant and retail space.

The South Parcel will consist of approximately 40,500 square feet of one- and two-story retail/health services/restaurant space.

Preliminary Plan: The Preliminary Plan is the next step in the process.

The beginning of the Preliminary Plan process starts with a 10-day online comment period on the Illustrative Plan.

Illustrative Plan: This is a conceptual plan the applicant prepared for public input prior to submitting a formal Preliminary Plan. Illustrative plan sets for the commercial portions for both the north and south Parcels were available for public comment through December 20,2019. Comments from the public on the illustrative Plan will be shared with the applicant. All comments must be submitted to the City Project Planner in writing.

See the Illustrative Plan Indian Peaks Marketplace Illustrative Plan

Email  your comments on the Indian Peaks Marketplace Illustrative Plan.

If you need to view a paper plan set, please contact the City's Project Planner, Jana Easley, 303-661-1271,

Neighborhood Meeting: Date to be determine.

Public Hearing Date:  To be determined.

View Example Timeline for Review

View the North Parcel Preliminary Plan Site Plan (November 2019)
View the South Parcel Preliminary Plan Site Plan (November 2019)