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  1. Sponsored day at The Great Outdoors Waterpark

    Lafayette Communities that Care, would like to invite ages 12-20 to The GOWP on them! Read on...
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20% off Great Outdoors Waterpark Passes in April

PLUS! Receive one FREE unlimited refill cup when you purchase your pass in April! This reusable cup can be refilled at the concessions stand all season long at no charge!

Details on 20% season passes for the Great Outdoors Waterpark:

  1. Passes can be purchased at the Bob Burger Recreation Center 
  2. Passes must be purchased during the month of April (April 1-April 30) 
  3. The 20% discount only applies to a full priced pass. 
  4. The 20% discount only applies to season passes, not punch passes.
  5. If purchasing a pass for another person, or building a household pass, the pass holder must either be present or have a picture in the Lafayette Recreation database (from a previous pass)

GOWP Soft Opening Party on May 19th from 1-4 PM, image with logo, bouey and sunglasses

Current and past pass holders are invited to join us on this pre-opening training day to be the first ones in the park in 2019! 

Buy your season pass today for your invitation to this fun summer kick-off! 

Details on the Soft Opening 2019 Party:

  1. You must RSVP to attend - if you are a current or previous season pass holder you will be emailed a link to RSVP.
  2. RSVP's are required for admission. You will need to present an ID with the name you used to register for admission. 
  3. It's not recommended to plan on having a party or large group attend on this day, as party packages and cabanas are not reservable and we will not be able to refund tickets that are not used. 
  4. If you purchased a ticket to this event, you may use it to enter and also use it on a day of your choice during the regular season. 
Copy of Twitter_Sunset Swim Concept 1 (3)

Sunset Swim is the coolest place to be on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. With $5.00 admissions for ANY age, and rotating concessions specials, we've got food and fun all in one place. 

Weeknight Win Special - Reserve a Cabana for just $20.00 for the night, order up a dinner special from the concessions stand and relax while the kids splash and play! No clean up, no oven, and no hassle! 

Details about Sunset Swim:

  1. Sunset Swim rate is ONLY good after 6 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we are open.
  2. The waterpark is only open on the weekends starting August 11th. The LAST sunset swim of the season will be August 8th, 2019. 
  3. Discounts and reduced rates are not accepted on the promotional sunset swim rate.