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  1. Image of Jeff Wilkins-Crowder, top mile earner for Bob&#39s Mega Miles Club

    Congrats to Jeff Wilkins-Crowder - Bob's Mega Miles Club top mile earner!

    Jeff completed a whopping 4010 miles, that's the equivalent of traveling from Lafayette to Boston and back! Rock on Jeff! You too can be a top mile earner, it's free to join and you can earn cool prizes for milestones achieved! Read on...
  2. image of woman on water platform doing yoga

    Take care of you, with gentle exercises, breathing & meditation!

    With Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) you will be able to release stress, reduce pain and improve your self-awareness. Read on...
  3. Image of female teen with hand weight and friends in the background
  1. Image of Volleyball with the Text Love at First Spike

    Volleyball Clinic with the Women of CU Volleyball!

    Learn to love the game while playing with the passionate and talented CU Women's Volleyball Team! This youth clinic is for 3rd-8th graders with an experience level. Read on...
  2. Tai Chi for Stress Management text on red background

    Reduce Stress with this Ancient Art

    Ever wonder about stress management through exercise? Tai Chi can be the perfect complement to your active exercise routine. Read on...
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