Hwy 287 / Dillon Rd - Sundar Apartments

Sundar Apartments - 10935 Dillon Road

Northwest intersection of Highway 287 and Dillon Road/Northwest Parkway.

The developer has submitted a preliminary plan application for the potential development of a 19 building, 684-unit multi-family apartment project on approximately 36.14 acres. The property is currently zoned DR (Developing Resource) with a land use designation on the Comprehensive Plan of 'Opportunity Parcel B'. Opportunity Parcel B includes possible land use scenarios of a combination of high density residential, commercial, solar access and open areas for the subject property. Phase 1 of the project is proposed to include ~325 units, a clubhouse, parking lot, and garage. The subject property was annexed into the City in 1997.

  • The Planning Commission approved the Sketch Plan with conditions at their February 28, 2018 public hearing.
  • The Planning Commission approved the Preliminary/Site/Architecture Plan with conditions at the July 24, 2018 public hearing.
  • City Council tabled the Final Plan Public Hearing to their November 5, 2018 meeting.
  • At the November 5 Public Hearing, City Council approved the Final Plan with a condition that staff continue to work with the developer and adjacent neighbors to finalize a northern buffer. View the public comments, presentations, and project deliberations in the November 5 City Council meeting video.

All public processes have concluded. This project has been approved.

View the Vicinity Map
View the 10/30/18 Staff Report
View the Site/Architecture Plan - July 2018 View the Site Plan - September 2018

Architectural Drawing

Conceptual architectural plan drawing for Sundar Apts

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Vicinity Map

Vicinity map of Sundar Apt. location