I Was Wondering Wednesday

Do you have a question for the City, but just aren’t sure who to ask? Here’s your chance!

The last Wednesday of each month, City staff will host the “I Was Wondering Wednesday” online discussion to answer those burning questions.  A different department will be featured every month.

You’re always welcome to submit questions to us anytime at www.cityoflafayette.com/ContactUs

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Have you ever wondered about any of the services the Arts and Cultural Resources Department provides?
Ask the Arts and Cultural Arts a question HERE!

These are some of the services and resources this departments provides;

  • Art on the Street / Public Art Programs
  • Art Night Out
  • The Collective Community Art Center
  • Community and education arts grants

Visit the Arts and Cultural Resources webpage to learn more about the department.

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Steps to participate in the forum:
(You will be prompted to set up an account the first time you participate)

  1. Go to www.cityoflafayette.com/communityvoice
  2. Find this week’s INITIATIVE
  3. Click on the “Initiative" title for that month
  4. In the “What’s your idea” field, type in your question.  -- At this point you will be prompted to set up an account if you don’t already have one, or you can log in with a Google, Facebook, or Yahoo account.

Step One:

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Step Two:

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