Lafayette Cottage Camp Photo Contest

Do you have a photo of the Lafayette Cottage Camp?
It could be worth $100!

Pull out your scrapbooks and boxes of old photos. The City of Lafayette is looking for images of the Lafayette Cottage Camp, and will pay $100 to the first person who can supply an intact, clear photo or photos of the Camp.

The Lafayette Cottage Camp was located on the corner of West Baseline Road and Cornelius Street {the site of the current Circle Motel). The Camp, which was built around 1930, was the city's first motor lodge on the old Lincoln Highway route that ran through town.

The Lincoln Highway was America's first coast-to-coast highway, and the Lafayette Cottage Camp served as a gathering place for travelers on their way to the eastern part of the country, or up to Rocky Mountain National Park. The Camp had a motel, cabins, a grocery store, gas pumps, and spaces for travel trailers.

The Lafayette Cottage Camp's heyday was from 1939 to the early 1950s, but images of it are hard to find. The City of Lafayette would like photos for its archives of the buildings and sign, with or without travelers and their vehicles.

If you have a photo or know someone who does, please mail or drop off the photo to the City Administrator's office.

City of Lafayette
Attn: Lafayette Cottage Camp Photo
1290 S. Public Road
Lafayette, CO 80026

(303) 661-1222

Circle Motel_1975
circle motel sign