Fitness Class of the Month

Fitness Class Month

Each month, we will focus on a different Drop-In Fitness Class offered or Group Fitness Instructor at the BBRC.  We will also have a special promotion for participants that attend either the class of the month or come to a class led by the instructor of the month. Look out for information each month on the Buzz At Bob's and check out the information posted in the display outside of the BBRC fitness studio.  Download a complete calendar of all of our Drop-In Fitness classes here.


In September, we will feature the NEW Foam Roller class, that occurs weekly on Friday mornings from 10-10:45AM. 

Foam rolling, or myofascial release, is used to self-release the ‘knots’ in your muscles restoring optimal function. 'Knots' are trigger points of constant tension that can cause irritation within muscles or fascia and, when compressed, produce pain. Foam rolling can help you decrease pain and soreness, increase range of motion and flexibility, enhance core strength and flexibility and correct postural imbalances.

For this drop-in class, you can use your annual pass, punch card or pay the daily visit fee.