Livable Lafayette Task Force

Task Force Purpose

Using guidance from the 2013 Technical Update to the 2003 Comprehensive Plan (section II. E. Housing), advise the City Council by providing a needs assessment and recommended strategies to implement the plan's goals and policies for the City of Lafayette which focus on providing and encouraging housing for all ages and for lower income levels.

Task Force Membership

7 members, plus 2 City Council members (Councilor Lynch and Councilor Walton).
Annmarie Jensen
Crystal Launder
Elizabeth Sorce
Heide Mallon
Kevin Muller
Michael Lambert
Julia Carpenter

Meeting Dates and Time:

Meetings to be held in the Council Chambers, 1290 S. Public Road
Meetings will start at 5:30 pm
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January 11, 2017
Boulder County Presentation
Staff Presentation
February 1
Inclusionary Housing
LIvable Lafayette
February 22
CHFA Presentation
Division of Housing Presentation
Lafayette Presentation
March 15
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Boomer Bond Assessment Tool
Aging Trends and Affordable Housing
April 5
Mobile Home Parks
BCRH-Ensuring a Diverse Housing Inventory
Mobile Home Myths Presentation
April 26
Habitat 101
May 17
June 7
June 28
July 18, 2017 - Report to City Council
Livable Lafayette Task Force Report
Bullet Points
PowerPoint Presentation

View the Lafayette Comprehensive Plan

livable lafayette report