Community Art- Conduction

Why does art in the library matter?

“Every library, stripped to its barest mission, seeks to connect people with information. Art is information—the product of a creative process and the process itself.”
Erinn Batykefer

Community art plays an important role in the life of Lafayette Public Library. In collaboration with the Lafayette Cultural Arts Council, we host art exhibits featuring local artists throughout the year at our three public galleries.

In addition to our gallery shows, we proudly spotlight local art in our permanent collection. 
Visual Mantras

Main Gallery: 


M.D. Friedman
Visual Mantras - Fine Art Mandalas

The Visual Mantra Collection is mandala-themed art created with specific healing intent. This artwork shares a circle within a square format and is designed to allow your eyes to wander but always draws them back to center, much the same way that a mantra does in meditation.

Senior Art Show in North Gallery

North Gallery: Senior Art Show from the Senior Center

LPL highlights several pieces from the Senior Art show on display in the upstairs gallery. Artists include Paula Fossum’s pastel landscapes, photo and silk screen print by Megan Bennett, Honora Wolfe’s watercolors and Ara Lou Panutsos’ collage. The show will remain on display through December. 

Lafayette Public Library Gallery Space Art Opportunities

If you are interested in showing your artwork at the Library, you are invited to answer the City of Lafayette's Call for Artists! The City of Lafayette is looking for artwork to display throughout its gallery spaces, including Lafayette Public Library.