Lafayette Youth Poetry Prize

Lafayette Youth Poetry Prize

The Lafayette Youth Poetry Prize Reading is a wonderful tradition in Lafayette.  We were disappointed that we were unable to hold the event this year. The Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission and ARTS!Lafayette are proud to present 2020 Lafayette Youth Poetry Prize Winners:

Grades K – 2
1st Place   Dominic Wilson   Hungry Alien Invasion
2nd Place  Linnea Peterson    Kind Time

Grades 3 - 4
1st Place       Lucas Connally    Crazy Thinking
2nd Place     Gwyneth Knight   I Come From
3rd Place      Paige VanderWeit Volleyball
Honorable Mention Aliah Gonzalez  Rainbow
Honorable Mention Aliah Gonzalez Flower
Honorable Mention Alessandra Wilson Sugar and Spice

Grades 5 – 7
1st Place              Henry Gabriel    Hollow Grottos
2nd Place (tie)     Abigail Aguirre Garcia    Beautiful Seasons
2nd Place  (tie)    Cydney Moore   Foxes
Honorable Mention Aiden Byers  Just Like Snow
Honorable Mention Aiden Byers Sometimes
Honorable Mention Zoe Wright The Mountain is Calling
Honorable Mention Zoe Wright My Friday

Congratulations to these talented young poets! We admire your ability to express yourselves through this very special literary art.