2019 PROST Master Plan

The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department has contracted with GreenPlay, LLC to update the City's Parks, Open Space, and Trails (PROST) Master Plan, last completed in 2012. This update will carefully examine community recreational needs and provide a framework for managing projects relating to multi-modal connectivity, ecological land management, wellness opportunities, and much more.

This page will be periodically updated throughout the Master Plan process. 

Why Is This Necessary?

The intent of this project is to provide the Parks, Recreation and Open Space department with an updated Master Plan that contains a new set of realistic and implementable goals and recommendations for the future. 

With a process that involves the public, we will develop implementable recommendations that are reasonable and realistic without compromising service delivery. 

How are we measuring success and project outcomes? Click the tabs below to see critical success factors for this project, and the performance measures used to determine if they are met. 

These elements are not all inclusive to what the community will outline as critical success factors and performance measures for the PROS department. The items below are applicable to the planning process only. 

  1. Critical Success Factors
  2. Performance Measures
  • Identification of recreation programming needs based on community feedback.
  • Being mindful to be inclusive of Lafayette’s diverse community during the process to ensure all voices are head.
  • Leverage existing information from the current Master Plan for informing the outcomes of the updated Master Plan.
  • Consider whether recreation facilities are being efficiently and effectively utilized.
  • Gauge the community’s interest in industry-wide programming trends.
  • Strongly represent the open space program in the planning process and outcomes so that additional, specific planning efforts are well-supported.
  • Evaluate community needs and existing ordinances for alignment (i.e., ebikes, scooters, drones).

The Master Plan process was initiated in January of 2019, and is expected to be complete in October. 

A draft version of the PROST Master Plan Update is now available for viewing.  Please click here to view:  PROST Master Plan Update 2019

This draft version will be presented to City Council at the public meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 17th.

  1. Ben Mazal

    Assistant to the Director
    Phone: 303-661-1306

GreenPlay LLC operates as a consortium of experts to provide services nationally for park, recreation, open space, and related agencies. 

GreenPlay acts as a management tool for agencies by organizing consultant teams that are responsive, experienced in the field, and who understand the needs of administrators and their communities. GreenPlay works nationwide with 16 employees and over 75 technical consortium agencies and sub-consultants to complete projects for large and small agencies around the United States. Since 1999, GreenPlay has completed over 450 projects in 43 states for governmental agencies and private sector companies.