Lafayette Enterprise Zone

What is an Enterprise Zone?

The Enterprise Zone (EZ) is a state funded program that was created to promote a business friendly environment in economically distressed areas by offering state income tax credits that incentivize businesses to locate and develop in - and non-profit organizations to assist with the needs of - these communities. Areas of Longmont, Lafayette, and Broomfield recently received the North Metro Enterprise Zone designation.

What does this mean for your business?

EZ incentives and tax credits can have a significant impact, from $1,000 to $500,000.

Are you in the North Metro Enterprise Zone?

Visit to determine if your address or parcel number is located in the EZ and qualifies for tax credits starting in 2016.
Lafayette enterprise zone

View a map of the Lafayette Enterprise Zone

Enterprise Zone Information Sheets

Download the North Metro Enterprise Zone Overview
Download the Colorado Enterprise Zone Fact Sheet

View a video presentation about the new Lafayette Enterprise Zone

Applications, requirements, and additional information can be found at:

Roger Caruso, Economic Development Specialist
City of Lafayette