2018 Colorado Cities and Towns Week

Colorado cities and towns work for you!

You may not think about it, but many of the services residents rely on each day are provided by the City of Lafayette. The next time you utilize a municipal service, think about the hard working men and women who care for your community each and every day.

We've put together this webpage of fun and interesting facts about the City of Lafayette's services. Follow the City's Facebook page for daily posts.

LOGO colorado cities and towns For the sixth year, the Colorado Municipal League is providing a statewide opportunity to recognize the importance of municipal services and the employees that make them happen. View the official Colorado Cities and Towns Week website to learn more and read the Lafayette City Council Resolution No. 2018-33 / Recognizing Colorado Cities & Towns Week, September 10-16, 2018.


  • Installed 236 new, and replaced 1,200 old water meters
  • Used 200 tons of asphalt for street patching
  • Maintained and repaired 258 City vehicles(including Police and Fire vehicles)
  • Turf replacement program participants saved 787,000 gallons of water after removing 8.167 sq. ft. of turf
  • 90 City and 1,225 commercial/HOA backflow devices tested
  • The Electronic Recycling events kept 9,991 CRT/TV monitors, 6,315 computers, and 15,652 misc. electronics out of landfills
  • 1.527 billion gallons of raw water were treated for use by Lafayette residents
  • By dewatering biosolids, the wastewater treatment plant kept 865 tanker trucks off the road and saved $317,000 in hauling costs.
  • Street sweepers swept 1,600 miles of streets
  • Snow plows drove a total of 8,385 miles (117 miles plowed/event), and applied a
    total of 1,350 tons of ice slicer deicing material
  • Applied 600 gallons of striping paint
  • Program participants saved a total of 112,462 gallons of water as a result of indoor audit retrofits
  • 148 participants in the toilet upgrade program saved 1,050,911 gallons of water
  • July 19 was the peak demand day in 2017, when residents utilized 9.705 million gallons of water
  • The wastewater treatment plant used 300,000 kw-hrs of solar power and saved 5.37 million cu. ft. of natural gas by utilizing facility solar panels and methane gas reclamation.
  • The 2018 $2.5mm Capital Streets Program included: placement of 8,320 tons of asphalt to repair and resurface existing streets | 28 tons of crack sealant | 13.4 miles of surface chip seals | repair of 8,250 square feet of sidewalk


  • There are 28,192 registered Library card holders
  • 28 public computers at the Library were used to access 49,090 sessions
  • Wireless internet was utilized for 18,089 sessions
  • 354,917 print items were circulated, while 34,763 digital items were checked out
  • There were 202,382 patrons who visited the Library
  • Programs/special event attendance: 433 children | 211 teens | 248 adults (all free!)
  • Summer Reading Program participants: 1,961 children | 772 teens | 678 adults


  • 3,380 hours are spent mowing the City's 20 parks and fields during the growing season
  • Golf maintenance staff walk-mows 3.5 acres of golf greens daily
  • PROS staff manages 53 pet pick-up stations
  • Through July 2018, 22,809 rounds of golf have been played at Indian Peaks Golf Course with an expected total of 39,000 rounds by the end of the season
  • The Open Space Division oversees and manages approximately 1,300 acres of solely and jointly owned open space land
  • The Open Space Division benefited from 330 volunteer hours in 2017 and accomplished 12 landscaping projects with the help of the Boulder County Youth Corps
  • 246,830 patrons visited the Bob Burger Recreation Center in 2017
  • In 2017, over 42,000 visitors attended one of 80 fitness classes offered each month, over 1,100 personal training sessions were held, and 578 swim lessons were taught
  • Over 30,000 visitors at the new Great Outdoors Waterpark consumed 570 pounds of french fries during the 2018 inaugural season
  • 185 part time employees worked 550 shifts each week, accumulating 2,360 hours worked at the Great Outdoors Waterpark in 2018
  • Facilities Management completed 1,073 repairs and improvements on 23 City facilities
  • 210 seniors traveled 1,871 miles on 17 trips with Senior Services
  • 811 seniors shared Fun Friday afternoons at the Senior Center
  • 2,000 kids played youth sports in 15 different community parks throughout the year


  • 569 total years of service
  • 22 community programs/events
  • 27,508 calls for service
  • 4,002 crime reports
  • 1,136 arrests


  • 1,327 code enforcement actions
  • Total building permit fees collected: $10,201,197
  • 1,179 total building permits issued
  • 126 planning applications processed
  • 104 total years of service for 8 full time staff


  • There were approximately 15,000 Art Night Out attendees in 2017
  • The Collective Community Arts Center was host to over 1,500 participants at special events and exhibits
  • Assuming only 1% of travelers along Public Road are enriched by the many public art pieces and murals, 383,250 people are impacted by Lafayette art


  • 105,339 utility bills processed
  • 14,800 sales tax returns processed
  • 14,130 payroll payments made
  • 6,346 accounts payable payments processed


  • In 2017, HR received 3,203 applications for 68 jobs.
  • In 2018, three workshops were held to train teens on how to apply for a job. The City hired 97 teens for Summer 2018 to work at the Great Outdoors Waterpark, Bob Burger Recreation Center, Waneka Lake Boathouse, and the Indian Peaks Golf Course.