Techqua Ikachi by Gary Monaco

Techqua Ikachi


Gary Monaco

Gary Monaco

Artist: Gary Monaco
Littleton, CO
Materials: Recycled metal, copper, plexiglass, solar LED
Price: $5,500

Artists Statement:
I have an endearment to the land and living in the West is ingrained in my work. I am influenced by indigenous beliefs, symbolism, and spirituality. My work is inspired by Native American oral traditions describing the heavens and earth. These stories are reminders of our environmental stewardship, and through my artistry I strive to keep their messages alive. I am drawn to subjects that are sensitive to the environment, and support beliefs that balance the Earth's continuum.

I have an increasing awareness of my carbon print. Artistically I have centered on creating from recycled materials. Uncertainty of medium has become the essential companion to creation.

See & Respond

Following the installation of the sculptures, area poets and visual artists will be invited to participate in a juried art show, “See and Respond!” where artists create a piece inspired by one of the sculptures. There will be cash prizes awarded in multiple categories. Visit the See & Respond page for more information

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