Adult Sport Leauges and Games are a great way to stay fit and have fun! Check out the variety of sports we offer below. Leauges are offered seasonally and depending on the level of interest. 

A great way to team build, meet new friends or make sure old friends have an excuse to get together! Lafayette Recreation offers adult sports at one of the best values in Boulder County. 


Men's League and Coed Leagues play in the spring, fall and summer. The schedule consists of 10 games and a post-season tournament, 

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We have basketball leagues year round with a varying level of competitiveness. Join a leisure league to get some exercise and have some fun or a recreational league to test your skills. Women's and Men's leagues available. Drop-in Basketball is also available, learn more about drop-in sports by clicking here. 

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Five on Five indoor soccer games are quicker and have more action! This coed game is great to stay fit and have fun when the soccer field is covered with snow. 

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Don't hold back in this super fun game from your youth! A  fun way to get together and let off steam, kickball is a coed league played in the summer. 

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Racquet Sports

We offer a variety of racquet sports for ages 16+. 

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This women's leauge is fun and a great workout. Played on Friday nights.

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Flag Football

This fast, fun sport is played four-on-four on a 50-yard football field. It is a non contact and fast paced game that is catching on all over Colorado. 8 games will be played on Thursday evenings.

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