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Library Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Goals 2018-2021
The strategic plan guides the Lafayette Public Library for the next few years. See where we are going!

Library's Strategic Plan Goals 2018-2021

Who are we? 

Mission Statement: 

The Lafayette Public Library brings community, information and ideas together to inspire literacy, learning and discovery. 

Where are we going?

Vision Statement: 

Lafayette Public Library is at the heart of our thriving city. In partnership with others, we will build and foster a community that:

  • Values learning
  • Provides people opportunities to support their personal growth 
  • Nurtures creativity, exploration and discovery 
  • Values and honors our diverse community 

What do we believe in?

Guiding Principles:

Access for all: We provide universal access to library resources, programs and facilities 

Community building: We develop positive relationships with our members and actively engage in partnerships and collaborations with other organizations 

Adaptation and innovation: We adapt to the changing needs of our community and encourage innovation in new technologies, programs and services

Intellectual freedom, privacy and confidentiality: We believe that every individual has the right to seek, receive, hold and disseminate any and all information and ideas. We protect the personal privacy and confidentiality of library users

Literacy: We support and provide opportunities for staff and our community to learn, understand, interpret and communicate using a variety of library resources

Lifelong learning: We commit to providing opportunities to activate minds and develop new skills at all ages and stages of life