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What if I get my water from a well or another water company? Can I get a rebate?
No, you may not get a rebate from the City of Lafayette; however, you may find it is still beneficial to replace your old toilet with a new EPA WaterSense labeled toilet due to the potential water savings. Contact your water service provider to find out what programs they offer.

When will I receive my rebate credit on my utility account?
Upon approval of your application, you should allow eight to ten weeks for your rebate to be credited to your utility account.
Will I get confirmation that my rebate has been accepted?
Due to staff constraints, it is not possible to notify all applicants when they have been approved. However, if your application is not approved, you will be notified. If you have not received any form of notification after six to eight weeks from submitting your application you may check the status of your rebate by calling 303-665-5588 x1277 or email.

Please have the following information ready when checking on the status of your rebate:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Date application was submitted

Where can I find a WaterSense labeled toilet?

Applicants can buy a toilet from any retailer (including online). Make sure the invoice/receipt is itemized, dated, and shows the type of toilet purchased. Original receipts from major home improvement stores with stock-keeping units (sku) or universal product codes (UPC) on them are acceptable for proof of purchase.

WaterSense toilets can be purchased through any of our local supporters:

1200 W. Dillon Rd.
Louisville, CO

Larkridge Shopping Center/North Thornton
16420 Washington St
Broomfield, CO

1171 W Dillon Rd
Louisville, CO

If I purchased a 1.6 gallons per flush toilet, am I eligible for a rebate?
No, only EPA WaterSense Labeled toilets are eligible for a rebate.
WaterSense labeled toilets are independently certified to use 20 percent less water than the current Federal standard and have a high flushing power. WaterSense labeled toilets use approximately 1.28 gallons or less per flush; the current Federal standard is 1.6 gallons per flush.

What if I lost or can't get a receipt for my toilet?
The application cannot be approved without an itemized, dated sales receipt showing the type and cost of the toilet purchased. Inspections will not be done in lieu of missing receipts.

What if I do not have my original receipt?
The original receipt is required to process your application. No copies or exceptions will be accepted.
If you are planning to purchase several items, it would be best to purchase the toilet separately because the original receipt submitted with your application will not be returned to you.

To be classified as an original receipt the invoice must include the following:

  • Company's letterhead
  • Invoice number
  • Purchase Date
  • Toilet brand name, model name, model number
  • Purchase price

Do I have to have a plumber install the toilet?
No. You may choose to replace and install the toilet yourself.
If you purchase a toilet through a plumber, be sure the model name and number of the toilet is listed on the receipt.

Will I need to apply for a permit to change the toilet?
No. You do not need a permit to change your toilet.

If I have already installed a WaterSense toilet, can I still get a rebate?
Possibly.  Please note: Recycling of your old toilet at the City of Lafayette Service Center is required for eligibility of this program.

How do I install a new toilet?
There are various videos online regarding replacing and installing a new toilet.

What do I do with my old toilet?
Participants agree to recycle old toilets at the City of Lafayette Service Center at 1700 Avalon Avenue by appointment only between the hours of 8am - 10am Monday-Friday. Call 303-665-5588 x1277.

What is a high-efficiency toilet (HET)?
A high-efficiency toilet (HET) is defined as a fixture that flushes 20 percent less water than the current Federal standard of 1.6 gallons per flush. A high-efficiency toilet uses 1.28 gallons or less per flush.

I heard these high-efficiency toilets require double flushing to work. Is this true?
No. All of the high-efficiency toilets on the approved list have been performance tested to help eliminate this problem. However, the City recommends that each customer do the proper research before purchasing their toilet to insure they get the best toilet to meet their needs.

Visit the US EPA WaterSense Product Search for a list of qualifying toilets.This product list is updated periodically so stay tuned as new toilets become available.

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