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Green Business Program
The Lafayette Green Business Program was established in 2011 to recognize local businesses making steps to positively impact Lafayette's environmental footprint. The committee looks for businesses embracing activities such as energy reduction and carbon offsets, facility upgrades for increased energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling and composting, and encouragement of "green" practices with employees and customers.

An additional goal of the initiative is to encourage other companies to undertake similar activities to make their own businesses more ‘green’. "By honoring those who are working to be more 'green,' we hope to show other businesses that they too can take similar steps and compete for the award next year," said Deborah Morrison, who started the program. "We want to foster a business community which values sustainability."

Any business with a physical location within the city limits of Lafayette can participate, although home-based businesses do not qualify. Business owners are asked to complete an online survey in November of each year to report their sustainable practices. The company that shows the greatest amount of impact across all areas of the survey is selected as the winner, and other businesses with strong showings are awarded the category of runner-up.

Learn More About the Green Business Program
  Green Business Survey

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2014 Green Business Award

Application deadline is 9/15/14

 Anspach's Jewelery


Meet the 2013 Winners – and Support Them When You Shop!

2013 Lafayette Green Business of the Year

Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market
The Lafayette Collectibles and Flea Market is a 20,000 square foot store located in old town Lafayette. We rent space to over 140 vendors where they stock their booth and we sell the items for them. This allows them the luxury to not be saddled to brick and mortar. Our vendors are on the constant move finding their merchandise at thrift stores, auctions and garage sales. So, we are a very large recycling store. We sell about 7,500 items per month.

We replaced the low efficient florescent light fixtures with the new high energy efficient 4 foot tubes about 5 years ago. The expense for this was $12,000, but the payback was 2.5 years. We have never bought shopping bags and we recycle newspaper. Going "Green" in business is a responsible way of doing business not only for the environment but for my customers and my neighbors.

2013 Runners Up

Anspach’s Jewelry
Anspach’s Jewelry is a full service jewelry store with unique and distinctive fine jewelry, custom designs, as well as watch and jewelry repair, and appraisal services. We have been in business since 1955 and currently employ 2nd and 3rd generation family goldsmiths. We pride ourselves in maintaining a friendly and relaxed atmosphere while providing exceptional service and exquisite fine jewelry.

Most of our green business practices involve common sense, affordable necessity, and improved efficiency. We have, of course, always recycled our precious metals; recycling other materials, even though it is more expensive, is just the right thing to do. Our conversion to LED lighting was done to cut down on the residual heat from halogen bulbs and electrical consumption. With recent advances in the lighting industry, the LED lighting made our display jewelry look even better than before. Living in a dry climate, installing swamp coolers was almost a no brainer; we recently improved the capacity and routing of the cool air which improved our comfort during the summer months. We also invested in a laser welder, primarily for work speed and efficiency. We noticed that our electrical consumption did increase slightly, but our carbon footprint was reduced by not running three natural gas torches almost eight hours a day. Lastly, since employee (and owner) stress reduction is paramount, we encourage biking to work when possible, short walks during the day, and found last year, that an employee garden also helped reduce stress. This year, we are planning to at least partially insulate the ceiling of the building for energy efficiency purposes, as well as comfort.   

Compass Nursing Arts
Compass Nursing Arts is a brand new Nurse Aide Training Program approved by the Colorado Board of Nursing. We are a training program for people who want to enter the medical field. The course is 84 hours long, with convenient day, evening, and Saturdays classes. After completion of the course students can take the state competency exam at our facility. Our students currently have a %100 pass rate. New classes start every month! Visit www.compassCNA.com or call 303-484-9650 to learn more about our program.
Starting a business is expensive; by purchasing recycled medical equipment we saved a lot of money and helped decrease waste. My students are mostly young adult age and in general very environmentally conscious. They request that since all procedures that we do are "practice" and gloves therefore are not contaminated, that they be allowed to reuse the gloves a couple of times to decrease the amount of trash generated. We also recycle water bottles, paper, and cardboard.  We also put into place low energy practices such as a timed thermostat and low energy light bulbs. For our students we are located near several bus lines and there is a bike rack available for those students that prefer to bike.

Flatirons Habitat for Humanity

Imagine!, a Lafayette, CO-based private, not-for-profit corporation, has been providing supports for people who have developmental disabilities in order for them to lead fulfilling lives since 1963. For Imagine!, creating effective, efficient, and sustainable ways of assisting some of our most vulnerable citizens includes incorporating green efforts and technologies. These efforts and technologies embody the core of Imagine!’s mission, which is to provide tools and supports that allow people with developmental disabilities to become active members of their community and contributing citizens.   By providing services in ways designed to limit impacts on the environment and human health, and to enhance our neighbors’ lives, Imagine! sets a standard and certainly enables those we serve to contribute in a tangible and meaningful way to their community. 
Imagine! embraces a green approach in many ways. Both of our administrative facilities, located in Lafayette, are Western Disposal certified Zero Waste facilities. Events hosted at our conference center are also Zero Waste. All plumbed appliances and devices have been fitted with low water use fixtures and vending machines have motion sensors which turn the motors off after a certain time of inactivity. Water filters discourage the use of bottled water. All Imagine! employees received RTD Eco Passes to encourage the use of public transportation. And as a residential provider, Imagine! builds our new homes, and retrofits our older homes, with a variety of energy saving technologies, including upgraded insulation, passive solar heating, heat recovery ventilation systems, geothermal ground source heat pumps, solar photo voltaic panels, solar thermal systems, and energy efficient appliances.

Noble Treasures

Noble Treasures overflows with variety. You'll find beautiful antique and recycled furniture, primitives large and small, vintage items of all kinds from furniture to kitchen gadgets, antique and costume jewelry, a large selection of old books, Depression, Carnival and crystal glassware as well as collectibles of all kinds. A visit here reveals treasures in every nook and cranny. For a huge selection of authentic antiques, come browse in relaxed surroundings at Noble Treasures. We believe in recycling and commit to small things that make a big difference.

Ting’s Place
Besides providing our customers with delicious authentic Chinese food, we also understand the importance of being environmentally conscious.
By investing in the efficient use of energy in Ting's Place, it will help us to reduce our operating costs, buffer our business from future energy cost increases, lower our environmental impact, increase our long-term profitability, and bringing global awareness to a local lever, which will also helps make guest pricing more palatable.
Most restaurants consume about 3 times more energy than the average commercial building per square foot. Therefore we are taken necessary steps to offset the impact, purchasing energy star appliances, low flush toilets, Energy star refrigeration, energy efficient ventilation, LED lights. We recycle used oil, carton boxes, and wine bottles to name a few as well efficient construction of our building to maximize energy cost savings. 

Women Who Paint
We paint many homes every year therefore we go through a ton of paint cans, which we do not want to send to landfills. We recycle all our cans and 5 gallon buckets. We also bring new life to old kitchen and bathroom cabinets to save you money and saving the old ones from going in landfills. We also bring old furniture new life for the same purpose.

2012 Lafayette Green Business of the Year

WOW! Children’s Museum

110 N. Harrison Ave., Lafayette

WOW! Children's Museum, seeing over 60,000 visitors annually and all of Boulder County since 1996, is dedicated to providing educational interactive exhibits and programs for all children – bringing families together in a creative environment that sparks imagination, inspires learning, and supports school readiness. In 2011, we installed a Demand Control System which taught us how to limit electrical usage during peak business times. Xcel Energy subsequently re-classified our business to a less expensive rate, saving the Museum approximately $200 each month. Our Xcel Energy Audit also provided guidelines on how to save water with low flush toilets, electricity with programmable thermostats, and where best to add insulation. A grant from Namaste Solar enabled us to add solar panels to our building. We are educating our visitors on all these cost and energy savings so that they can make some of these green energy changes at their homes and businesses.



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