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  1. Book Group Application

    An application for creating a Book Group

  2. Event Report - Internal Use Only
  3. Join the Friends of the Lafayette Library Foundation!
  4. Library - Staff Book Review - Internal Use Only

    Form used by Lafayette Public Library staff to review books for the blog.

  5. Library Room Reservations - City Staff Use Only

    Meeting Space Request Form

  6. Little Buddies Application-Winter/Spring 2017-SPANISH

    Solicitud para los compañeros pequeños ("Little Buddies")

  7. School Visit Request

    Use this form to request a library visit for your class.

  8. Staff Program Proposal - Internal Use Only

    Proposal for a library program

  9. Teen Collection Connection

    The Teen Collection Connection (TCC) is a volunteer organization for book loving teens who want to help select books and other items... More…

  10. Volunteer Work Request - Internal Use Only

    Use this form to request time from a library volunteer for a staff project.

  1. Email Susan, Coordinator of Volunteer Services
  2. Incident Report
  3. Lafayette Public Library Request an Item
  4. Library Program Proposal Application

    An application for presenting a library co-sponsored program.

  5. Little Buddies Application-Winter/Spring 2017

    Application to be a Little Buddy in the Reading Buddies program.

  6. Reading Buddies Coordinator email form

    Send an email to Sarah, Reading Buddies Coordinator

  7. Staff Bio - Internal Library Use Only

    Internal form for Lafayette Public Library staff to submit information for internal use.

  8. Teacher Book Request

    Use this form to request classroom books.

  9. Volunteer Application