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Ofelia Miramontes Park


  1. Playground
Named in honor of Ofelia Miramontes, a professional in bilingual education and diversity programs, this park stands as a reminder of the mixture of ethnicities and community spirit comprising Lafayette, which Mrs. Miramontes valued and advocated for throughout her life.

Mrs. Miramontes, a first generation college student, served in the Peace Corps in Chile and then implemented the first federally funded bilingual program for the City of San Diego.  Later, in Boulder Valley School District, she was instrumental in creating the bilingual programs at Washington Elementary School and Escuela Bilingue Pioneer.  Mrs. Miramontes, always grounded in her family and Hispanic heritage, served as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Equity at CU-Boulder and established a scholarship program for first generation college students and students of color.  During her life, Ofelia lived out what she taught, and serves as a reminder of the power of education and the strength of community when we take time to attend to one another.