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Do you accept book donations?
Yes! Donations may be brought to the checkout desk during library hours and are tax deductible. For large donations, please call 303-665-5200 to make arrangements.

The Foundation accepts books, DVDs, audio books, and music CDs in good condition.

We do not accept:

* Business books older than 5 years
* Computer books
* Encyclopedias
* Instruction manuals
* Medical/Health books older than 3 years
* Reader’s Digest condensed books
* Romance novels
* Textbooks
* Travel guides older than 5 years
* VHS or Cassette Tapes

Contact the Broomfield Recycling Center at 303-404-2839, or
CHARM Recycle in Boulder at 303-444-6634 for information about recycling options.
More information on the Friends of the Library

Lafayette Public Library

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4. Do you accept book donations?

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