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Posted on: June 4, 2018

Temporary suspension in place for the Peddlers Ordinance

No Soliciting sign

In light of a recent federal district court decision invalidating a time restriction on door-to-door solicitation, the City has placed a temporary enforcement suspension on section 55-31 of our Code of Ordinances. This section currently allows only local Lafayette businesses, and businesses that are not based here but have customers within the city (such as dairy delivery companies) to solicit door-to-door.

During this temporary suspension of section 55-31, the enforcement of “no soliciting” signs is still in effect and can be enforced. If a Lafayette resident has clearly posted a no soliciting or trespassing sign on their property and a solicitor ignores the sign and approaches the door, residents may request that the police department issue a summons to the solicitor. Alternatively, residents can ask the police to simply warn the solicitor about the violation instead of issuing a summons. Please be aware that if the police department does issue a summons, the complainant will be required to testify in court if the charge is contested by the solicitor. While some neighborhoods have no solicitation signs posted at the subdivision entrance to help curb solicitation, it is more impactful for individuals to have a sign posted on their personal property if the intent is to pursue charges for the violation.

Recognized charitable, religious or political organizations, and Boulder County-based youth activity organizations are allowed to solicit goods and information, and are not required to abide by no solicitation signage or ordinances.

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