Lafayette Window Painting Contest

Winners Announced for 3rd Annual Lafayette Window Painting Contest

Exterior business windows along Public Road and E Simpson Street have been turned into canvases for kids to paint themes of the season during. (Painting took place on Oct. 12 and 13). Map of Window Locations
7-10 grade:
First place, window #31.2: Nicola Gacy (Coal Creek Barbers; home school--7th)
Second place, window # 28: Arely Aguirre (Senor Gomez; Angevine--7th)
Third place, window #29.2: Mary Hanson (& Tegan Guess) (Lafayette Florist; Centaurus--9th)

5-6 grade:
First place, window #32.4: Kai Adamchak (Tran's Kickboxing; Lafayette Elementary--5th)
Second place, window #11.2: Roxy Poppick (Metro Broker; Peak to Peak--6th)
Third place, window #9.2: Kira & Anna Furey (Scizzors; Pioneer--3rd/5th)

3-4 grade:
First place, window #31.1: Elijah Spradling (Coal Creek Barbers; Peak to Peak--3rd)
Second place: Cooper Smith and Aiden Kenny, (Tran's Kickboxing; Lafayette Elem--4th)
Third place, window #24.1: Samuel Hernandez (Noble Treasures; Sanchez--4th)

K-2 grade:
First place, window #9: Liam Findley (Scizzors; Horizons--2nd)
Second place, window #12.2: Jordan Schatz (Salon Eclipse; Lafayette Elementary--2nd)
Third place window #2.1: Alexia Campbell (Pioneer; Pioneer--1st)