Fitness Instructor of the Month


Each month, we will focus on a different Drop-In Fitness Class offered or Group Fitness Instructor at the BBRC.  We will also have a special promotion for participants that attend either the class of the month or come to a class led by the instructor of the month. Look out for information each month on the Buzz At Bob's and check out the information posted in the display outside of the BBRC fitness studio.  Download a complete calendar of all of our Drop-In Fitness classes here.

For June, we will feature one of our group fitness instructors, Megan McGhee, certified Yoga 200RYT, Yoga Therapy RX, Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Mat Pilates, SilverSneakers (CardioFit, Circuit, Yoga), and MindUp Facilitator (The Hawn Foundation).
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​She currently teaches Rise and Shine Yoga (Mon, Wed and Fri at 5:45am) and Yoga/Pilates/Strength (Tues, Thurs at 10:10am and Wed at 7am).

Megan is inspired by life around her, whether it is a new trail to explore or the people who are part of her life. In her job as a fitness instructor, she is inspired by the stories of

students and either hearing about or seeing their accomplishments first hand. There is nothing better than seeing a student progress and do something that they previously thought was unattainable. Megan thinks making a connection with your body is a fundamental lesson to learn in life.

Instructor Of Month

"I try to keep challenging myself to push past my emotional and physical comfort zone. I try to encourage people to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with their bodies."

When she is not teaching, Megan enjoys skiing, hiking, playing hockey, and she loves being active outside and keeping up with her 4 active boys. She has a degree in theatre with focus on movement and postural alignment.