Cannon Trail - So Foote / E Cleveland

Cannon Trail concept plan

The applicant is proposing to develop duplexes on 25 residential lots (50 units total).  Also included in the plan is a native plant trail corridor connected by an adjoining park.  Access to the site would come East Cleveland; which is paved, South Foote which would be dedicated across the property and is unpaved south of the site to East Chester; an existing, unpaved alley that would provide access for 15 lots; and another alley that would serve as the sole source of access for 4 lots, and secondary access for 5 lots. The applicants also propose a soft surface trail from South Burlington, across the north 20 feet of 16 of the lots to South Foote Avenue.

West of South Burlington Avenue, South of East Cleveland, East and West of South Foote Avenue extended, North of the alley

Planning Commission approved the Sketch Plan at the May 23, 2017 public hearing.  The Preliminary Plan and Minor Zoning is scheduled to be heard at the Planning Commission public hearing on August 22, 2017.

View the Sketch Plan (May 2017)
View the Planning Flow Chart (updated July 2017)