LESAC Committee Members


Dan Cross-Call

Dan works in the electricity practice at Rocky Mountain Institute in Boulder...Read More
Dawn Mancini Moyer

Dawn Mancini Moyer is a senior lead with the Energy and Environmental Efficiency Practice at Hitachi Consulting. She has over 12 years of experience as an environmental professional, including time as a consultant and a science educator...Read More
Tom Hardie

A resident since 2001, Tom Hardie launched the Confluence Small Business Collective, Lafayette's shared-office community workspace, with his wife Kristin in 2014...Read More  

Jeanne Stratton

Jeanne’s passion is sustainability and her specialty is energy...Read More

Jennifer Jencks

Jennifer is a marine geologist and project lead for the Ocean and Coastal Mapping Team at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)...Read More


Leia Guccione

Leia is an engineer and a naval officer. She works as a Principal for Rocky Mountain Institute where she advises business...Read More
250x301_Robb Pic

Robb Menzies

For thirteen years Robb has managed an enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) database for Denver Public Schools, tracked student demographics and school boundaries...Read More

Emily Miller

Emily, an associate with Cadmus, is an experienced project manager and policy analyst specializing in the energy industry, real estate, and corporate sustainability sectors...Read More 

Zack Rogers

Zack is founder and president of Daylighting Innovations, LLC.  He is a professional engineer in Colorado, and a LEED® (Building Design and Construction) Accredited Professional...Read More