Summer Fun at Bobs - 2016

The deadline to hand in game boards for the 2016 Summer Fun at Bobs Game is Monday, October 3rd, 2016!
Winners will be announced on Monday, October 10th.
Summer Fun at Bobs Board

Get in the game at the Bob Burger Recreation center this year by playing Summer Fun at Bobs!
Summer Fun at Bobs is a board game for the whole family. Leading  you through different activities to from month-to-month, starting in June and concluding in September, Summer Fun is a fun easy way to keep busy and active all summer. Each activity that you complete is marked off with a special sticker and each month of completed activities earns players a chance to win an annual pass to the Recreation Center; a $365 value!
Stop by the Bob Burger Recreation Center to pick-up a game board and start playing today! You can hop in and begin play at any month and still have a chance to win the Grand Prize. Share the fun on social media by snapping a picture while you complete the game board activities and sharing it with the hash tag #SummerFunAtBobs.