Community Art at the Library

Community Art- Conduction
Why does art in the library matter?
“Every library, stripped to its barest mission, seeks to connect people with information. Art is information—the product of a creative process and the process itself.”
Erinn Batykefer

Community art plays an important role in the life of Lafayette Public Library. In collaboration with the Lafayette Cultural Arts Council, we host art exhibits featuring local artists throughout the year at our three public galleries.

In addition to our gallery shows, we proudly spotlight local art in our permanent collection. 


Main Gallery

Marie Vaughn
The Main Gallery space features the works of Marie Vaughn. Her work is bold and filled with color.

North Gallery 

Molly McCrosson

The North Gallery space features the work of Molly McCrosson, artist and library staff member. Molly's abstracts are beautifully rendered, intricate, and absorbing. Stop by experience these powerful paintings.   
Conduction by Molly McCrossan

Lafayette Public Library Gallery Space
Art Opportunities

If you are interested in showing your artwork at the Library, you are invited to answer the City of Lafayette's Call for Artists! The City of Lafayette is looking for artwork to display throughout its gallery spaces, including Lafayette Public Library.