Michael Adams Poetry Prize

Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission will host the 

3rd Annual Michael Adams Poetry Prize
 in October 2017

  (For information about the 2017 Lafayette Youth Poetry Prize)

Michael Adams Poetry Prize 2016 Winners

MAPP  Winner Social Justice  "Tips for Living in an Occupied Country" by Barbara Ford
Winner The Natural World "A Small Casualty of Global Warming" by Cyndeth Allison
Winner"Social Justice  "Socialismo…O…Muerte" by Brain DeToy
Winner Spanish/bilingual "Me ven pero no me ven" by Laura Soto
Winner  Immigration "Diaspora" by Erin Robertson

Honorable Mentions:

The Natural World "bouquet" by Erin Robertson
The Natural World "Story's End" by Anita Jepsen-Gilbert
Social Justice  "The White Cat Sleeps" by Russ Croop
Social Justice  The Man Upstairs Sandra Maresh Doe
Immigration "They're Not Here" by Jim Rice
Immigration "It Was Written" by  Izmart Tec Verde
Spanish/bilingual "Not Written in the Stars" by Ricardo Bogart-Alvarez

Lafayette Youth Poetry Prize 2016 Winners

Spanish Grades K, 1, 2, & 3
3rd Place "Cubos" by Johana Fuentes
2nd Place "Puntos" by Johana Fuentes
1st Place "Neftaly" by Arlette Aldama Murillo
English Grades  K, 1, 2, & 3
3rd Place "I Love Butterflies" by Arianna Lopez
2nd Place "Empty Field" by Audrey Lininger
1st Place "Anxiety" by Elijah Avery
English  Grades  4 & 5 
3rd Place "Glorious Mountains" by Sam Breezley
2nd Place "We Must" by Anna Furey
1st Place "The Sphere of Blue" by Alex Gregory
Spanish GradeS 4 & 5
3rd Place "La Vela" by Sawyer Williams
2nd Place "Familia" by Adam Cipoletti
1st Place "Ante tus Pies" by Dayleen Rios Valdez
English Grades 6,7, & 8
2nd Place "The Bloodiest Day in History" by  Zizie Moffett
1st Place "Chaos" by  Chad McDaniel
ENGLISH GRAND PRIZE  "Fire Dragons" by Gabrielle Bailey