Mosquitos & West Nile Virus

Mosquito problems or issues may be reported by calling Vector Disease Control International (VDCI) at 888-774-2161 or by visiting their website at Vector Disease Control International.
The City of Lafayette contracts with VDCI to conduct surveillance of adult mosquito populations and to provide limited adult mosquito control when predetermined disease and annoyance levels have been surpassed. The goal is to provide the greatest level of control of pest and disease vector mosquito populations while maintaining a balanced use of cultural, biological, and least-toxic chemical procedures that are environmentally compatible and economically feasible.

Culex mosquitoes increase in number as temperatures rise. Human infection of West Nile Virus (WNV) can occur without symptoms. It can also cause mild to severe illness including fever, extreme fatigue, as well as head and body aches. In extreme cases WNV may result in chronic disability, tremors, vision loss, paralysis or even result in death.

Boulder County Public Health and City of Lafayette officials urge residents to remember the 4Ds:
1. Use DEET-enhanced insect repellent
2. DRESS in long sleeves and pants.
3. Avoid the outdoors from DUSK to DAWN
4. DRAIN standing water outside your home


For more information about WNV, mosquito activity in Boulder County and steps you can take to protect yourself and loved ones, please visit:

Boulder County - Mosquitoes & West Nile Virus